Lets make it competitive!

Just like to begin by thanking all those who've played my game, specifically to those who made you-tube videos showing off their experiences. I've looked at all of them and taken your feedback seriously.
I've thought of an idea, what about a little cash competition? For players to compete for the best Brutal mode difficulty score. The player with the best score will win a moderate cash prize anywhere from 50$ - 100$. I've already received some donations to help fund this and am willing to open the wallet a little more. But I'd really love some more support, if you could entice your friends and family to play Horror Tooth that would be much appreciated. What do you guys think of that?
This is not the first time I've done something like this, check out "Patchy Patients" for more information. Player "Aexus" won $70 on April 17 2020.

Here's what's new to this update:
- A Brand new trailer.
- Brutal mode times will now be documented on the board.
- Reduced overall volume of sound particularly in the intro, volume clipping used to occur commonly.
- Improved occlusion culling system, which leads to a higher average FPS.


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Jul 03, 2020

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Horror Tooth Speedrun 1:00

i got frustrated before this run so im sorry for the negativity and cussing XD

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I'm up for this challenge. What's the deadline for this?


Hi Xerionix.
Two factors will determine the deadline.
1) When itch.io sends through the payout money which so far is above $60 depending on tax. (It takes 7 days to approve).
2) The deadline will be made larger depending if Markiplier or any other big you-tubers make videos of it. However, the benefit of that is the cash prize will increase greatly.

I do plan to give the money away regardless though.
Also you should join my discord as i will release more info on there in time.