Added New Level 'Offices' !


The new level 'offices' features you using an old school camera to snap photographs of evidence pieces. Whilst during so you are pursued viciously by the chaser. 

Apologies for this taking so long. My group who helped to initiate this project have disappeared, so all the work was left to my brother and I. But quality stuff takes time. I hope you enjoy.

This level is for those who thought the first level wasn't that scary.

This means that the completion boards are sparse. Meaning that you can your name to on the top of the list.

However, this does not mean i am stopping here. I will be consistently updating the game to improve it!
Join my discord server to learn more:

Thank you!


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Jan 24, 2020

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I managed to beat new level, it was so hard for me though.

Looking forward to your new update soon!

Thank you so much for playing and making a video about it!
You played really well!
Your name has been added  to the board!

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too dark to stream.....

please, adjust the gamma...

Hey Shade, to see, simply flash the camera with right click holding. It should be more than bright enough to see. 

Don't worry, you have plenty of flashes, however turning the camera off and on will drain your battery quick, keep that in mind. And if for some reason you do run out of battery there are batteries littered around the map. 

Turning up the overall gamma will unbalance the game, and negate the usefulness of the camera. 

I really hope you give the game another go. 


Thanks for your kind comment. I'll just play one more time today though I failed yesterday.