Patch notes for v1.6.3

  • Increased boss health (is harder to destroy with nades).
  • Fixed issue where charge shot input would be read while customize player page is opened.
  • Increased the amount of bullets on screen (up to 300, was previously 150).
  • Fixed placeholder text for name instead of email.
  • Increased size of + symbol on powerup pickups.
  • Improved loading times slightly.
  • Autoshoot now will not be triggered on powerup pickups.
  • More colours added to Behemoth (2nd boss).
  • Fixed issue where hazards might spawn in pre-game.
  • Prevented shooting while player is in hit-stun state.
  • Bullets now rebound off powerup pickups/shields/bosses.
  • Improved start zones in pre-game (larger, brighter, faster fill time).
  • Fixed mouse not always autohiding in main game.
  • Fixed issue where abilities were not deactivating when the ability timer runs out after the active ability was changed.
  • Fixed issue where activating an ability in pre-game would not restart once wave 1 starts.
  • Introduced 'competitive' game rules. This is just like the PAX Aus rules but is now the main arcade mode (original arcade mode is now called 'relaxed' mode). Current leader is shown when the competitive rules is selected as the active game mode. Supports solo + co-op modes but only for Steam.
  • Freeze time ability sets the game speed instantly to 5% instead of gradually over time.
  • Various other bug fixes.

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Oct 13, 2023

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