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Edwardo is a stealth first-person horror game where you must search and collect samples using a UV-light. Beware! Edwardo is not happy that you have infiltrated his hideout and is armed with a Tommy gun. 


You play as Tony, a detective with the goal to collect 12 samples, whether they be finger-prints, hand-prints, urine samples or blood samples. Each game will provide a unique experience as the samples and Edwardo will appear in random locations around the hide-out. Edwardo will roam his joint, so listening for his presence is vital. But be careful! Sound travels both ways.


First-person horror experience.
Unique sample hunting.
Realistic immersive graphics.
Atmospheric gameplay and sounds.
Timed runs.

This is a demo version of the game therefore, there is only one difficulty available and no additional updates will be made to this version. The full version of the game is available on steam! I am currently working on Chapter 2 content.
Please leave feedback we would love to hear what you think!

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorSpalato Bros
GenreAction, Adventure, Shooter, Strategy
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, scary, Singleplayer, Speedrun, Stealth


EdwardoItch v1.0.4.zip 995 MB

Install instructions

1) Download .zip
2) Extract .zip
3) Run Edwardo.exe
4) Have fun


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Here’s my gameplay of Edwardo! It was fun! Lol, hope you enjoy. I also wonder if there will be another game after Signora Maria 😎 If not, no worries lol, both fun games, good job!


Aye Thanks for playing Edwardo Sugo. I did enjoy your video very much.
At the moment no plans for a third game. But feel free to try my other games like "Edgar's Room", Saberbeast, Horrortooth.
I would work on more horror games but currentely busy working on a space arcade shooter with my brother.

- Lewis.


I did play Edgar’s Room and that game was terrifying! That will come out at a later date but you have some fun games. Can’t wait to play more!

Deleted 2 years ago

Haha Thank you for playing! Was a great watch!


My little brother wanted to play this game and he really enjoyed it. It was kinda scary too. 10/10! He had fun.


Easily one of the Spalato Bros more interesting games!


Lots of good sound design that matches really well with the atmosphere of the environment. Always keep an eye out for Edwardo! 


I was gonna say that this game deserves to be paid but when I saw the description saying it is a DEMO version I knew the real one is gonna be a paid one..........


Hey Brokengam, Thanks for the compliment! The way I see it is all about that balance. I wanted to give players a way to play for free and if they really liked what they played then they could support me through steam.

The demo is still a near complete experience as for now, minus a few features. The full game is still being developed (Level 2). 

Feel free to join my discord would love to have you there:



Kudos to you for making a boss that's actually fairly smart in knowing which doors is open and whatnot. While I never did get the samples (I should have paid attention to the intro more), it's also refreshing to have a boss be just a guy with a gun. No supernaturals, no hyper crazies. Just a guy trying to defend his home. XD. I'd just increase the walk speed a tad bit.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Haha the guy with my favourite intro.
Thanks for playing and the feedback!
It's all good with the samples, I hope you return to this game and find the samples, they are placed in areas where there are furniture, openable containers etc.



Let me just say, this game is ADDICTINGLY fun to play! Even though I did not complete it, I kept going back into it for more. Edwardo doesn't mess around, he's ruthless and I love that he has a memory of which doors were open and closed and how he can hear the player opening objects to search. It took me a minute to grasp exactly what I was looking for, but once I caught on, it was a very fun experience! TOTALLY RECOMMEND trying this game out for yourself. To the dev, GREAT JOB!

Cheers Don!
Thank you for playing!
There's heaps of great personality in your videos. A great watch


Moistcritical had... interesting things to say about this game.


I wish he speedruns this game again.


Edwardo is a combination of comedy and horror throughout the development of this game. The graphics are beautiful, especially the lighting that brings the detail of the textures. What's more interesting was the enemy with the Tommy Gun. In other horror games, you would most likely encounter a monster, but here you are being tracked by an enemy with a weapon in the game. I love the enemy's humor whenever he tries to find you. The pacing of this game was fair, and it took me an hour to complete it. It does have horror, but some parts aren't frightening.