Version 0.2.8

- Fixed ground tiling to make the player seem taller.
- The map of the place is moved to other side of shack.


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Jul 05, 2018

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I had a chance to play the latest update and I was curious about a major change.  I originally played Version 0.1.2 and I remember the environment becoming dark almost immediately after flipping the switch in the starting shack. In recent updates, the sunset doesn't seem to happen until about 4 switches in.  This definitely removes a lot of the fear element (just my opinion, of course).  Is there any reason for this?


Thank you for your feedback Flame!
The day time/night time cycle was slowed to help new players understand the map better.
We received feedback that due to the way angels operated, it made it increasingly difficult for newer players to know where to go next.

A solution could be to implement a new game-mode that is like the old one where the night cycle is faster.