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Not a point A to point B horror game.

Saberbeast is a first person horror game designed to test your awareness, provoke fear and challenge you.
I took this project solo and set myself a goal to have this done in under 30 days. I am pleased with what I was able to produce so I hope you guys like it.

XERIONIX won the competition!! For more information, join my discord server or read the competition tab in the main menu.

Donations will go towards the next games prize pool.
I'd like to thank my discord server for assisting me in making this game as best as it could be. 

Please leave feedback I would love to hear what you think!

Join my discord to hear all the latest news about the game and other things. https://discord.gg/QJQwCMX

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorSpalato Bros
GenreSurvival, Action
TagsExperimental, Fantasy, Fast-Paced, Horror, Medieval, Monsters, scary, Speedrun, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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My final Saberbeast video. A great horror game and achievement again!


You're the best


Not bad at all.

Reacting To Saberbeast Reactions!


Scariest one to date man! Great job my dude!


i did it ! finally thanks god Awesome Game!!!


Thank you so much for playing! Awesome video. I subbed to your channel. I added your name to the board.

i think in game is copyrighted music named Fear-39688 by David Fesliyan


The music track is royalty free, as listed on his website.


and motion blur i don't like it cuz then game is laggy 


this is hardcore lol

Hey ItsLorrenzo, Yeah it's a real challenge. I hope to see your return to this game someday to beat it!
Great video!

Had a ton of fun with this game! Great and scary, like always lol

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Mr.CreepShow here, keep up the great work!!!

Thank you!!  Absolute legend


This game was really awesome to play! It looked and sounded amazing, and I had a great time playing it. Not to mention, it actually got me a good amount of times and scared me! Check out my gameplay if your interested!

Awesome VIDEO Absolutely loved it!
Can't wait to see u play the other games


great horror games

Your name is added to the board!

definitely a good horror game. it brings the horror vibe to life.

This game was a good time, no question! It is also INSANELY DIFFICULT! But I had fun.


I played horrortooth before, which was actually pretty darn difficult but MY GOSH, this one made me rage quit so badly. Largely my fault since I started immediately on Brutal mode .I'll revisit this and I'll definitely beat it!

Hey itspandabum.
Great video man! Yes i'd love to see you revisit it and beat it!


hi, big thx for the creepy game. greetings from rosti 馃榾

Hey Rosti! Thank you for playing.  Cool video. I hope u revisit it soon and beat it!


Me, running anywhere: NO STOP! RUNNING MAKES NOISE! Quickly, but not too quickly, walk away! D:

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1
(Subscribe today to keep alllll the scuttle-squids away!)

Bloody amazing video MAYA! Loved it so much


It's not me! I swear! It's these amazing and completely terrifying games you make! They're incredible D:

I really raged- I mean enjoyed this one!
But I completed normal mode without ever using the torch to fend off the slappy one and I was sprinting the whole time.
Maybe that counts as a pacifist run or something. XD Overall though, I think this was a fantastic game!
Here is my video playing through the game:

I may do a stream soon trying to beat brutal mode, but that top time looks insanely hard to beat. XD

HAHA Amazing video! There was some really great moments of you outplaying the creatures and I loved every second of it!
Of course i'll add your name to the boards! Yes very impressive that you finished it without using the torch.

Thank you!
Yes! i would love for you to try brutal.

is there a 32 bit version?????

There isn't currently, I will look into making a special 32 bit version for you!


okay tysm

Here you go special version just for you, let me know if this works


thank you it works smoothly , i had no probelem with the game , but i would recommende adding an option menu to change quality for low spec computers becuz i had some profamance issues. other then that it works pretty fine


hard game man.but loved it, legit game

Thank you mehrdadsh, Yes its really challenging! Did u end up beating it?

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no too hard for me,  can you maybe rate my game :https://mehrdadsh.itch.io/eli-was-sad


I did it I play only the hard mode. I love this game it was fun and scary, you really need to play smart and find a way to slow down the monsters, thanks for the amazing game

No worries man! Your name is on the brutal board in big white writing!!
Was a great video!


Gameplay BR

good game

Excellent! I'm sorry I only speak English. But you are very talented! I loved every second of your video! You're nearly at 100 subscriptions and that's awesome!
I will add your name to the board for everyone else to see.


thank you very much!

you managed to make an incredibly tense game, good job.

Cool you put statues of monsters from your other games, I thought you would make a game for each one ... but you already did hehehe.

I will test your other games as well.
Thanks for everything

-Translation with the help of google translate 馃槄

Isso evita que voc锚 tenha que traduzi-lo.
Obrigada sim! Eu recomendo altamente, dente de horror e apenas na escurid茫o.

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Another good horror game by these devs! Was a lot harder than Horror Tooth but pretty good overall!

Thanks for playing ItZoTom! Hopefully you didn't overheat and get heatstroke XD. Once your room gets cooler, i'd love to see you finish it!
Great video btw!

I think it's a good game.

Thank you TsukuruHouse!
Glad you liked it
One day i'll love to see you finish it!

Deleted 1 year ago

Try this and tell me how it goes

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago


I'd highly recommend not removing textures as it would probably crash the game. The texture quality in that version I sent you has lower res textures, and less shadows. 


Put me on that leaderboard!!! lol. I enjoyed the game and it was way harder than horror tooth for sure. I noticed that there is an update as I am typing this and I hope it deals with the audio issues. Sometimes I would hear the music and I was not sure if Saberbeast was near me or not. Also, sometimes I would see saberbeast but not hear any music. Not the worst glitch but it would lead to some surprise deaths. Overall, it is a good challenging game and I think whoever is reading this should try it out. 

HAHA! I'm putting you on the leader-board right now. 
I apologise for the music bugs, the zone for the music is small and for the music to trigger you have to be looking in his direction, so there will be times when you see him but not hear the music, depends on your distance to it too. 
Also, The way to counter Saberbeast is to not sprint to only swing your torch when absolutely necessary. He hears every noise you make.

Just like the Horror Tooth vid it was incredibly entertaining!
Cheers, And thank you for completing the challenge.

ayyyyy!!! I appreciate that! I may have to go back and take on that brutal challenge too!


I can't understand the many positive reviews, I'm probably too stupid for the game.
I found the metal detector and a torch and was able to collect coins too.
Graphics and sound are first class, the controls are fluid.
But the big flaw:
I'm in the corner of a small room. Alone. It's bright enough.
Suddenly I'm dead because I have a monster on my face.
The monster was NOT seen or heard before.
It was suddenly on my face.
I've tried it several times, always with the same result.
A silent, invisible monster that suddenly kills you.
Who comes up with something stupid? That's not fun.
After a few minutes I deleted the "game".
Without this unfair component, it would have been a buyable game.
But right now it's just a very nice graphics demo.

Hello lord. That is definitely unusual. First of all did you extract the .zip before playing. Secondly, are you mac or windows? And thirdly when you die, are seeing an enemy kill you or is it completely invisiblE? 

I would love to see this in action but it's up to you. 

I take any negative review seriously, so I don't want this happening for future players.

I unzipped the zip file first and then started the game.
I use Windows 7 Prof. 64 bit with SP1.
I can see a monster in the game that comes towards me and that I can push back briefly with my torch.
But I only see the "invisible" monster when it kills me.
Before that I see and hear nothing of it.

I deleted the game now, so for a screen-recording i had to download it again.

I麓ll try it again and see if i can record it.



I downloaded your game again (hey, you uploaded a new version!),

unzipped and.........tadaaa!  It works!   :)

I don麓t know what was wrong before, but now i don麓t get killed by an invisible monster.

Indeed very scary.   :)

Glad that sorted itself out. Maybe your anti-virus automatically deleted a file or something. Who knows but i'm glad it works for you now!

Game's nice and tense. Though I wish there was a bit more audio cue for the Saberbeast. That and I think the spider monster should continue to run for maybe half a second to 1 second after the player stops swinging the torch around. Other then that, not a bad game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Hey Levont! You make a fair point about the spider guy! And to answer your other question, The Saberbeast always knows where you are, it just only acts when you make sound. And the music begins if you look at and you are closeby. That torch dimming idea is gold too, i'll look into improving that!

Anyways, That intro you have is still my favourite intro.

I hope to see you return to this one day!

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I haven't screamed this loud in a very long time. Pure adrenaline and terror wrapped up nicely into a dungeon crawler horror experience. I may test my skills on brutal mode soon... all in all this was one of the most genuinely fun horror games I've played!

Well done Adrionic!
You are extremely entertaining as a Youtuber, I am glad you liked it. I will add your now to the board right now.


Verry nice jumpscares

Hey StarChe, Thank you for playing Saberbeast!
Im glad you got scared haha.
I subscribed to your you-tube channel. I hope one day you'll return to get your name on the board.



Great Game. This is is really hard and scary to play too. Nice work for making this. I have a good experience here.

Wow! Nice Run Buirry! I knew you would complete the challenge!
Thank you! I am glad you liked your experience! It was a great video.
I will add your name to the board!


Love this game. Its well made and has great challenge. I know I will be making a few vids of this one to challenge myself to beat it. Thanks for sharing this game and I hope you get more into the lime light of the gaming industry. Keep creating more of these awesome games. If you want to see my reaction, thoughts and gameplay check it out here. 

HAHA Thanks for playing man!And that's really kind of you! Awesome intro, gameplay and outro!
YES! Please i want your name on the board! You can do it!


Yet another fantastic horror game made by this creator, having played all the previous horror games,this one stands out by far and has the scare factor turned up to 11!

 The game is very challenging with some unique mechanics and learning to juggle the monsters is a monumental task due to the difficult nature of the game ( but it does not mean it isn't fun)

 The dungeon itself is beautifully rendered with great lighting effects and there is also a depth of field that really adds to the immersion and realism of this marvellous experience as you navigate around the dark and narrow corridors.

Sadly i did not manage to complete the game ( probably due to lack of skill on my part) but i am determined to keep playing until i do, the game has a great replay value.

 The Spalato Bros. were kind enough to notify me of when the game was up and i was excited to play and oh boy Saberbeast does not dissapoint at all, it has to be said that overall this one is incredible.

 It will be very interesting to see how this one gets topped when the next game/development comes out.

Thank you NaughtyNelly! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. And YES please return you need to get your name on the board!

This was VERY hard, and I've played it on NORMAL mode! All the critiques are near the end of the video, and it should help you what to improve on. I enjoyed the little Easter Egg about me. I am aware that you updated the game recently, so the competition should be fair. Overall, it's not a bad game!


Sweet, Well in time you're revisiting this! You can't go without getting your name on the brutal board!


Mark my words! I shall defeat every single opponent (maybe) in the competition.


This one was a lot harder then the other but as always well done!


Great video dude!

Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Hey Gphobia! I love your accent! Thank you for playing man! i did enjoy your gameplay! I hope you return to it in the near future to get your name on the board. 

Thank you so much i really appreciate your nice words :D and thank you for putting me on the board 


Hey i managed to beat normal mode but brutal is mad. Very addictive and enjoyable.


Hey Bratch! Thank you for playing I added your name to the normal board!

Its very addictive lol


freaked me out too much i could not finish it haha definitely giving it another go when im feelin brave enough :)




sounds exciting!! I probably wont finish it either lol

haha good luck buddy :)

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