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Guardian Angel - A Weeping Angel Parody

An ominous thriller game based on strategic pathways and decision making. · By Spalato Bros


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Update to feedback from Markiplier's video!
Player height has increased to not look like you are playing as a child. Angel height and texturing is improved to make them look more intimidating. Tree load a...
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Mac Version added!
After receiving a ton of requests, the game can now be played with Mac!
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Version 0.3.1 Update
The downloads are increasing once again! Thank you all! Much love to the YouTubers who have made videos on the game! Things that have been done: -Day to Night c...
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CONGRATULATIONS to SaucyYasser for completing the game in "Hard" mode in 7 minutes and 10 seconds! Video of proof ^
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Version 0.3.0 Update
FINALLY! After 80 days of being caught in university studies and work. The Spalato Bros have had time to release an update. Woohoo! Here's what's new: - A highe...
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Version 0.2.9
- Fixed bugs with player collisions. - Changed donate button link. - New names to boards.
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Version 0.2.8
- Fixed ground tiling to make the player seem taller. - The map of the place is moved to other side of shack.
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Version 0.2.7 Update
Congratulations to ste-R_S for also completing the game in "Hard" mode. It was done in 5:10 which is the fastest time so far. This update includes: - Changes to...
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