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Guardian Angel - A Weeping Angel Parody

An ominous thriller game based on strategic pathways and decision making. · By Spalato Bros


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Recent updates

Version 0.2.9
- Fixed bugs with player collisions. - Changed donate button link. - New names to boards.
1 file
Version 0.2.8
- Fixed ground tiling to make the player seem taller. - The map of the place is moved to other side of shack.
1 file
Version 0.2.7 Update
Congratulations to ste-R_S for also completing the game in "Hard" mode. It was done in 5:10 which is the fastest time so far. This update includes: - Changes to...
1 file
Version 0.2.4 Update
CONGRATULATIONS TO: UltraZangiefZ for being the first player to complete the tower level in "Hard mode"! This update includes: - A fix to the end win screen. -...
1 file
Version 0.2.3 Update
- Added a map to the central shack to help players. - Added Volume and mouse sensitivity sliders in pause menu. - Added 5 tombstones in map. - New members and d...
1 file
Version 0.2.2 Story update
Thank you to our new donors and members. We will continue to work hard to present new content for you guys in a fast manner. - Added more story-line. - Fixed ju...
1 file
Version 0.2.1 Balancing update
Various changes to Angel difficulties. - Changes in damage per second. - Changes in spawn rates Also added new graphics setting for computers in mid range.
1 file
Version 0.2.0 Full game REVAMP!
Introducing the full game revamp! v0.2.0 After evaluating all the feedback posted by all the members listed on the "Special Thanks" board. We took this on-board...
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