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Guardian Angel community

An ominous thriller game based on strategic pathways and decision making.

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Recent updates

Minor bug update
- Fixed some HUD bugs. - Added boards in central shack to commemorate players who survive the level in Normal and Hard difficulty. (Hard = 0, we are still look...
1 file
AI Balancing/Removal of Bugs/Aesthetic Improvements
+ Added a more sophisticated collision system to reduce any obstructions to the game experience. Players should not be getting stuck on trees and objects now. +...
1 file
New Difficulty Setting + Improvements
The Update that Adds Challenge to the Game! Once again, we would like to thank StepVibes and JayPlaysOfficial for the ongoing support. These players have earned...
1 file
Major Graphical/Performance/Balancing Update
This latest build features heaps of new content, better graphical enhancement, more refined enemy AI and player functionality optimization. A BIG THANKS TO Ste...
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