Major Graphical/Performance/Balancing Update

This latest build features heaps of new content, better graphical enhancement, more refined enemy AI and player functionality optimization. 
A BIG THANKS TO Step Vibes for providing us with valid feedback! Subscribe to him on YT!

New Content Includes:
+ 6 Unique landmarks to indicate player interest/objectives.
- Introduced more Sound FX and updates to volumes of audio/music.
- Removed door at tower.
- Better UI.
+ Pathways on terrain are modified to lead to something and have purpose. Players should use these if lost.
- Terrain is smoothed, removed sharp/jagged edges.
-  Developer name has changed from "Passage Four" to "Spalato Bro's".

Graphical Enhancements Include:
+ A new lighting system that creates realistic looking shadows.
- Removal of mini trees that may collide with player, leaving them stuck for a brief moment.
+ Added better grass to improve aesthetic and performance.
- The sky-box, rain and particles are improved.

AI (Angels) Improvements:
+ Damage upon player collision is reduced.
- Angels are modified to be easier at early game but are still challenging to deal with at later stages of game.

Player related changes introduces:
- Ability to use "F" and "E" to interact.
- Tweaked sprint duration.
- General movement improvements.
And many more little changes.

Still very open to feedback and support!
Thank you! On behalf of the Spalato Bro's.


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Apr 14, 2018

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