New Difficulty Setting + Improvements

The Update that Adds Challenge to the Game!

Once again, we would like to thank StepVibes and JayPlaysOfficial for the ongoing support. These players have earned themselves a mention on the "Special Thanks" board within the game. If you would like your name added all you have to do is record yourself playing with face-cam (negotiable) + microphone and then upload it to either Youtube, twitch etc. Please leave a message of a link to it in the comments section of the game homepage. 

Update Includes:
+ The option to play on Normal or Hard difficulty, simple to set in the menu screen.
+ The hard difficulty makes the angels eyes turn purple in combination with stats that are buffed to be challenging.
- Crashed airplane has been fixed to a realistic size.
- Cloud system has been added.
- Lightning mechanics have been tweaked.
And many more minor fixes!


Guardian 215 MB
Apr 19, 2018

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