Version 0.1.4 Bug/Visual Update

Version 0.1.4 Update!

Thank you to the many YouTubers and player base who have made this all possible.
This Update includes the following:

- Improvement in the plane sequence cutscene.
+ Player height and grass height have been changed to reflect realistic proportions.
+ New names and donors have been added to the boards. (Thank you guys for the support!).
- Removed "Depth of Field" option.
- Menu screen jumpscares occur much less frequently.
- Added message at 6/6 switches to indicate player interest to finish level.
- Changes to some audio.


Guardian Angel 221 MB
May 08, 2018

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Awe that's awesome duder. Glad you could make some changes to the game, hope you'll be able to improve and learn a bit and get to the completion of the game.

thank you! Luneskie For the support.  We will notify you when we create a new level as well. 

Hihi awesome, be glad to play it when it's out.