Version 0.2.0 Full game REVAMP!

Introducing the full game revamp! v0.2.0
After evaluating all the feedback posted by all the members listed on the "Special Thanks" board. We took this on-board to better the game experience. Here's the list: 

- Implemented new player movement system,  no more sliding or clunky movement.
- Complete new and improved Angel AI. 
- In strobe/focus mode flashlight now will stun angels within the circle range, no longer needs the cross-hair to be directly on angel(s).
- There are now anywhere from 1-5 angels that spawn.
- New map layout with improved landmarks.
- Some switches are now wall mounted.
- New menu-screen.
- New plane cut-scene.
- Better particle systems for clouds, fire, wind and special effects. 
- Updated weather system, the game now plays in the evening for a longer period of time.
- Bunker location is now behind the central shack.
- Added more jump-scare sounds.
- Adjustments to the music with new track layers.
- If frame-rate drops below 30 fps the graphics settings will adjust accordingly to suit performance.
- Overall reduced polygon count.
- New members added to "Special Thanks" and "Players who completed the level in normal mode".

In the next update the "Special Thanks" board will close. If you wish to get your name up there we suggest you record and post that to YouTube ASAP.

Thank you! From Spalato Bros.

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